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"A Home away from Home"

ASB - Hostel

Think of it in this simple way, Trivandrum is your Campus, ASB is your School and our Hostel is your home. The closely-knit community life at hostel is tied with your college experience. You will be enveloped by a sense of community life the very moment you step foot inside the hostel. It is worth knowing that your Asian Business School experience starts when you move in and get know your roommates for the first time. About 70 % of students stay in ASB’s state-of-the-art housing facilities. The hostel is known for offering the serene community living that enables students to prepare for their academic challenges.

Taking into consideration how students are likely to spend much of their time in hostel, we have provided the whole range facilities necessary for them to lead a comfortable life and excel in studies.

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?