Student Life

Asian School of Business (ASB) is committed to building a flourishing campus comprised of highly creative and productive individuals from all over the globe. From day one onwards at ASB, students are encouraged to make the most of opportunities by taking their college experience beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning. The lively campus offers a wellspring of inspirations, whether it is mentally, spiritually or physically. Everything from off-campus initiatives, awe-inspiring field trips to business quiz and many other campus events are designed to help students develop beyond the classroom.

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College life will undoubtedly transform different aspects of your life. And of course, much of this transformation may well take place in the classroom. At ASB students undergo such transformation as a response to their interaction with the community life and people associated with it. ‘Nurturing the whole person’ not just academically but socially and ethically is the bedrock of education offered at Asian School of Business. By providing students everything from career guidance to campus leadership roles, our faculty and student body are always at work to nurture the holistic development of the person.

Because ASB places great emphasis on the quality of student life, the campus ecosystem is woven together with a support network that oversees creative activities, leadership chances and cultural events. The moment a student steps foot on the campus, he or she is integrated into the ASB community and urged to take part in on and off-campus events that will expand their knowledge and get to know the community better.

What makes students happy?

Is it possible to have a home away from home?

What do students find inspiring?

ASB community is obsessed with answering these common questions and understands their role in enhancing the standards of student life. We are always on the lookout for innovative and experimental approach to enhancing college life. So here is what we have

Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business


We want our students not just to get involved, but get into the thick of it. We are in the business of removing the most uttered phrase “I’m bored” from the campus vocabulary. Get the most of the campus facilities by signing up for student forum or engaging in recreational activities. The bustling Business School is always full of activities to make students get out of the classroom and let off some steam.


If you are from ASB, it means that you have leadership qualities built into your system. In addition to offering all the right on-campus opportunities to improve your leadership skills, ASB also helps you stay in the right path towards achieving the leadership goals. Of course, being trained alongside fellow business aspirants with leadership attributes will only help you evolve into a true leader.

Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business
Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business


Most leaders in the business industry are driven by a genuine desire to give something back to the community. At ASB, we value the importance of reminding students about their role in the community. We have introduced a variety of programs where students can satisfy their entrepreneurial desires without losing sight of their responsibilities towards the community. Taking part in initiatives offer students the perfect chance at shaping and changing the world around them.

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