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Kerala is the state with the highest level of literacy in the country. However, there was a shortage of world-class educational institutions right from the school-level. This realization prompted me to start the Trivandrum International School, the first and only school to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme in Kerala. In order to offer high-quality management education, the Asian School of Business (ASB) was started in 2005. ASB started with a postgraduate diploma programme in management. After understanding the preferences of students and parents in Kerala, this was later changed to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. The MBA degree is awarded by the Cochin University of Science & Technology.

The quality of an MBA programme depends on many factors like the syllabus, pedagogy, faculty qualifications and experience, infrastructure and the students. Unlike other programmes, in an MBA course industry experience of the faculty makes a critical difference in the delivery of the curriculum. The present faculty team of ASB has an average corporate experience of over 13 years. This helps them discuss theory with an industry orientation. They are also able to groom and coach the students to face job interviews and to perform well in corporate assignments. This is reflected in consistent placements well above 90%, year after year.

ASB offers students an exciting and fun-filled period during their stay here. Subjects are taught by experts in their field. Practicing managers are invited as guest faculty to deliver classes in their areas of specialization. Senior members from the corporate world come on a regular basis to share their experiences with our students. Training camps are held to develop the leadership skills of students. Club activities help the students to polish their organizational skills and creativity. Value-added courses are offered to ensure that all the areas required to perform well in corporate jobs are well-covered. ASB offers you theoretical knowledge that is embedded in practice. You would be able to develop and hone your leadership, communication and presentation skills. During your stay at ASB, you would also improve your awareness about the industry and business scenario in the country and across the globe. These two years at ASB would certainly transform you from a student to a budding professional. Come to ASB with an open mind and “Experience the Change".

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