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Dream BIG, have high Achievement Orientation and be Unstoppable in your Passion to Excel. Asian School of Business is there to support you, mentor you and make your dream come true.


MBA is a unique postgraduate degree. It is intended to change your life and start a successful career irrespective of your discipline in the degree. MBA program covers a wide variety of subjects: accounting, IT, technology, psychology, marketing, Finance, Human Resources, some engineering, operations, statistics, mathematics, operations research, economics, sociology and so on. So, no matter what subjects you would have done in your degree, you will have some new subjects to learn and of course, some subjects you are familiar with.

MBA has many specializations such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Operations Management and so on. MBA itself can be considered a specialization of ‘INTEGRATION’ because an MBA graduate should able to integrate various subjects that s/he would learn to further the interest of the business. Because of the integration capability you will master at the end of the program, you become an important and a key resource for an organization. No other degree teaches you integration the way MBA does. Because you become a key resource for the organization, you become not only powerful but also well-paid. But mastering the science and art of integration of multiple subjects and using these to make good decisions as a leader in the organization depends on YOU and the institutes ability to provide you appropriate support in academic and physical infrastructure and more importantly industry experienced and visionary faculty. Remember, MBA is a vocation, and not a mere degree.


MBA students are usually selected not only for their technical knowledge of the subjects and integration, but also for their leadership ability to carry a group of people towards the organizational objectives. So, an MBA graduate MUST demonstrate leadership competencies, attitude to seek feedback, inquisitiveness and desire to learn new things, passion for excellence in whatever job one gets, and ability to change oneself and people around oneself.

When the organizations come for placement, they certainly place importance on academic excellence, but give it weight only if you can demonstrate leadership attributes. This is the reason why a Group Discussion and Aptitude test to include Psychometric tests almost always precede an Interview.

Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business


An MBA from CUSAT has several advantages. Being a Govt. university, people acknowledge its validity and processes. CUSAT is the university which set up MBA for the first time in Kerala and is known for frequent updating of the syllabus to meet the industry needs and stringent quality control. It is also renowned for timely conduct of the examination. This is a crucial factor as MBA graduates are selected for  placement  sometime in the third semester and the companies expect them to join by May or June of the succeeding year. So, you cannot afford to have pending examinations if you want to commence your career successfully.


ASB is renowned for consistent and high salary placement. This is because there is a well-planned architecture to take you through the MBA program and land you at the Gateway to a Great Career.

Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business
  • ASB understand the needs of MBA more than almost all other institutions in Kerala and India. Our faculty with over 15 years of work experience in the industry not only teaches the MBA subjects but also give you practical insight so that you become career ready.

  • The Leadership Development Center of Asian School of Business is not only unique but also has no comparisons. It has special expertise in using multiple psychometric tests to enhance your leadership competencies.

  • The specially trained mentors help you gain the right attitude that the companies look for. They help you define your Personal Vision Statement, make an Individual Development Plan and follow it through so that you can excel and succeed.

  • ASB has more than 25 Value Added Courses so that nothing that an organization looks for in an MBA graduate is left out in our learning architecture.

  • ASB has unmatched academic and physical infrastructure to make your dream come true.

    Asian School of Business
Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business


Asian School of Business has some concrete plans to help you in case you want to start your own business after the MBA program. It will provide free space, facilities, and consulting support for one year to help you incubate your business plan for one year after you complete your MBA. You can start planning even when you are doing your MBA. In case you decide to revert to a job after trying your hand at entrepreneurship, ASB will permit you to join the placement process provided it is done within two years of your completion of your MBA.


In case you want to pursue a particular passion such as a career in Banking or Civil Services, you can commence your planning and the journey while you are still doing your MBA at ASB. Our expert faculty will help you draw an Individual Development Plan and work on it. We have some faculty with special expertise in training you in current affairs, critical thinking, design thinking and so on.


When you do the MBA in ASB, you will be doing an MBA recognized by CUSAT. CUSAT will award you the degree on successful completion of the program. MBA is a full time program and has four semesters, two in the first year and two in the second year. Between the first and second year you are required to do a summer internship for a period of not less than 45 days. Courses the first year are compulsory for all students. These courses help you become a master in integration. Some courses in the second year are compulsory and some are electives. You need to take at least 7 elective/specialization courses. In order to claim that you have specialized in an area, you need to do at least 3 courses from a specialization. 75% attendance in each course is mandatory to make you eligible to write the examination of that course.

Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business
Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business


ASB offers a number of scholarships. You may be able to avail one of them.

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Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business


CUSAT has a variety of electives/specialization course


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