To be a management institution that is known for its intellectual excellence, community life and diversity.

Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business


    • Enhance Communication, Critical thinking, Business Leadership and Information management capability of the students and the faculty by grounding them in modern business practices.
    • Create a community of faculty, students and industry that collaborate to enhance the learning in various disciplines and functions through experiential learning. This effort extends to creating and supporting entrepreneurs.
    • Deliver the perfect opportunity for students to learn and grow in a diverse community that promotes plurality of ideas. The tradition of assimilating diverse elements into campus will allow students to broaden their horizons and pave way for multi- cultural interactions. ASB will continue to encourage its students to observe the professional code of conduct and embrace the responsibilities that come, with being a part of the community.


    • To create a system and structure to develop leadership and achieve high leadership potential in its students.
    • Create Centers of Excellence in leadership, sustainability and entrepreneurship and make these as fulcrums for achieving its vision and mission.
    • Remain contemporary in the degree it awards.
    • Progressively move towards a residential campus capable of integrating multiple cultures fully.
    • Enter Management education with a view to provide lifelong learning to the corporate world as also provide opportunity for its faculty to learn from the industry.
    • Provide support for all faculty to achieve academic excellence through completing the PhD program and embark on high quality publishing.
    • Support the community spirit envisioned in the vision/mission by creating and supporting an excellent alumni network.
    • Retain sustained focus on the quality of placements of its students, so that, we make the axiom ‘Gateway to a Great Career’ real for everyone.
Best Business Schools in Kerala, Trivandrum | Asian School of Business

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