Dr.(Colonel) P. S. james

Dr.(Colonel) P. S. james

Dr.(Colonel) P. S. james


M.Sc (Defense Studies)

After schooling in Holy Cross School, Salem, and completing under graduate studies from Loyola College, Chennai, Prof James commenced his illustrious career in the Army (Infantry). He rose to the rank of selection grade Colonel, and then volunteered out to follow his personal vision. In the Army, he graduated from the renowned Defence Services Staff College, served in the United Nations, at the Army Headquarters, as head of operations in a border brigade, and in several militancy operations. He also headed the faculty of studies, the think tank for Infantry’s training and an NCC group. Integrated Tsunami Relief Operations, conceived and launched by him, is well known in the coastal districts of Tamilnadu. In his second career, Prof James honed his business acumen as President of Indeco Leisure hotels.
Dr. James ventured into business education 2006. He was the founding Director of Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam, where his mentoring techniques created a special impact on the students. He is also the founding president of Travancore Management Association. Subsequently, Dr. James spent over seven years in T.A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal, where he created a name for himself in teaching, coaching, leadership development, supervising PhD scholars and writing the most detailed text book on Organizational Behaviour, and published by Pearson. After another short stint at IMT, Ghaziabad, Dr. James joined ASB as its director with a vision to impact young lives and bring the tools and techniques of leadership development to ASB.

• PhD in management and approved doctoral supervisor of Anna University and Manipal University.
• M.B.A
• M.Sc (Psychology)
• M.Sc (Defence Studies)
• Accredited Management Teacher, All India Management Association.
• Certifications - Emotional Intelligence, Critical Incident Interview, Competency Mapping, FIRO-B, and I-strong (psychometrics to identify career fit).

Courses Taught
• Leadership – Transformational Leadership for change.
• Role-competency model of leadership – developing competencies for the critical leadership roles of direction setting, creating alignment and creating engagement.
• Talent Management and Succession Planning with practice of succession planning using organizational data.
• HR Analytics using R.
• HR and Business Partnering with focus on capability building to meet expansion strategy.
• Leading Change – beyond the Kotter’s 8 steps, how to understand conflict styles and how to manage conflicts and negotiate to create effective change through Kotter’s steps.
• HR for competitive advantage with a focus on the key elements of HR that translate high performance teams into ones that create competitive advantage.
• Performance appraisal with focus on aligning performance management to strategy and culture of an organization and use of ‘contribution of competency tool’.
• Learning and development with focus on competency driven learning systems and how to use learning and development to create competitiveness.
• Conflict and Negotiations with focus on thriving through conflicts.
• Emotional Intelligence for corporate success.
• Organizational Behavior for leadership and organizational competitiveness.

Research Interests
• Transformational leadership and its impact on performance.
• Leadership competencies and their development.
• Quantifying performance management.
• Creativity and intervention tools.
• Inspirational language and its impact on performance.

Text Book Authorship- James, P.S, (2017). Organizational Behavior, Pearson.
Edited Books -
1. James, P.S, George Roji & Varghese Roshna. (2010). “Rediscovering Finance and Banking”, New Delhi, Excel.
2. James, P.S, George Roji & Varghese Roshna. (2009). “Banking and Finance, a collection of contemporary research”, New Delhi, Excel.
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Journal Articles Published:
1. James P.S. & Deepti V (2018). “Quantifying Contribution of Competencies for Performance”. IJPPM. ‘B’ in ABDC ranking.
2. Singh, M., & James, P. S. (2017). Managing Employees with Chronic Illness. Human Resource Management International Digest. ‘C’ in ABDC ranking.
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Reviewer Experience – Reviewer of Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

Case Studies:
1. James, P.S and Ramesh, R. (2014). Talent Management and Succession Planning at Emerald Fertilizers Ltd. TAPMI Case in Progress. TPW 100/2013-14.
2. James P.S. (2013). “Leadership challenge of Jose” (case), 2nd International Case Conference, Asian Journal of Management Cases.
3. Thomas Ajith K., and James P.S. (2012) “Social Entrepreneurship In The God's Own Country”, European Case Clearing House. Case & teaching note Reference no. 812-031-1 and Reference no. 812-031-8. www.ecch.com.
4. Six cases for the UNDP on change management for use in training IAS officers (not open publication).

Papers Presented:
1. James, P.S. (2015). “Importance of Transformational Leadership for Civil Services”. AE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, vol. 3 Issue 4, April 2015-Special Issue. 49-57.
2. James, P.S. (2015). Constellation of Transformational Leadership: An option for Managing VUCA Environment. AE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, vol 3 Issue 4, April 2015-Special Issue. 58-65.
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Working Papers Published:
1. James, P.S (2014). Aligning and propagating Organizational Values. TAPMI Working Paper No 101/2013-14.
2. James, P.S and Chatterjeee, D., (2013). Calibrating Managerial Effectiveness: An Empirical Study. TAPMI working paper No TPW 92/2012-13.
3. James, P.S. (2012). Breaking of path dependence to create innovative organizations-the role of constellation of transformational leadership (CTL), TAPMI working paper, 91/2012-13.
PhD Supervision -
Supervised three successful PhD candidates under Anna University and currently supervises three students under Manipal University and one under AMU. Supervision areas spans emotional intelligence, creativity and intervention tools, health-practices and their impact of performance, diversity and its impact on performance and use of inspirational language and its impact on performance.

Management Development Programmes Conducted:
1. Conflict and negotiations – for multiple batches of Hero MotoCorp – 2018.
2. Leadership – for multiple batches of Hero MotoCorp and Maruthi Nexa – 2018.
3. Critical Incident Interview – for multiple batches of Maruthi Nexa – 2018.mar
4. Transform and LeadTM – Six batches including 3 batches of HPCL – 2016 and 2017.
5. Thriving through Conflicts – one batch for Manipal Digital Service - 2017.
6. Strategic Succession Planning – GMs/Group GMs of MRPL – 2015.
7. Creating Organizational Excellence - HODs of Manipal Group - 2015 (multiple batches).
8. India Immersion Program - Graduate students of Sheffield Hallam University - 2014
9. Doing business in India - Immersion Program for University of Connecticut- 2014.
10. Competency mapping and team building – for Travancore Management Association - 2013.
11. Leadership and creativity - for Senior and branch managers of LIC – 2013 (multiple batches)
12. Induction workshop for Sheffield Hallam University, UK – 2012.
13. Negotiations - Trans-global MBA students of St Mary’s College, California 2012 & 2013.
14. Leading change for Syndicate bank senior managers – 2011.
15. People Management, motivation and team design for ICICI bank probationers – 2011 to 2013 (multiple batches).
16. Facets of Leadership (People Management and team for ISRO) – 2011.
17. Competency Mapping for senior managers – 2011.
18. Leadership program for managers and distributors of Piaggio – 2011 to 2012.
19. Faculty development for Manipal Institute of Management – Building AACSB practices – 2011.
20. Leading People - Axis Bank 2011.

Academic Experience:
1. 19 November 2018 onwards – Director, and Professor – Asian School of Business, Thiruvananthapuram.
2. 09 April, 2018 to 15 November, 2018 (Professor) - IMT, Ghaziabad.
3. 04 October 2010 to 05 April, 2018 (Professor, Area Chair HR and Head of Leadership Assessment and Development Center) - T.A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal.
4. 17 July 2006 to 01 October, 2018 (Professor and Founding Director) - Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam.
5. May 2002 to Dec 2003 (Director, Faculty of Studies) – The Infantry School, Mhow.
6. June 2001 to May 2002 (Senior Instructor, and head Machine Gun Division) – The Infantry School, Mhow.
7. May 1987 to April, 1989 (Instructor) – Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

Professional Experience –
Served in the Indian Army (Infantry) and rose to a selection grade colonel and thereafter made a career shift to the business world and then academics.
• Set up Leadership Assessment and Development Center (LADC). Established TAPMI’s LADC, the first initiative of its kind in a business schools. LADC is capable of delivering Individual Transformational Leadership Awareness Advisory to large cohort (400 to 500 strength batches) of PGDM/MBA students using indigenous protocol that integrates seven psychometric tests and 43 behavior indicators. It also focuses on person-specific Individual Leadership Development.
• Established Saintgits Institute of Management as its founding director and built its International Collaboration Programs with foreign universities such as CALTECH and Duquesne University.
• Established Travancore Management Association as it founding president.
• Led the Integrated Tsunami Relief Operations in Tamil Nadu coast by bringing together trauma intervention, livelihood enhancement, accommodation rebuilding and capability building.
• As President Indeco Leisure Hotel, created the strategy, structure and systems and led the foray of Indeco into experiential tourism.
• Led the United Nations Team in Africa in the Central Region Beira to ensure peace in Mozambique.
• Led major virtual reality and IT integration project for the Army.
• Joint Director for commissioning, responsible for talent distribution to Arms and Services of the Army.
• Headed operations in the western border.

Consulting Engagements
• Establishing the leadership development center for Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie which trains IAS officers, under the aegis of UNDP.
• Performance management for a mid-sized electrical company using a new technique, Contribution of Competencies, now copyrighted by the copyright commission of India.

Achievements and Awards
• The Chief of the Army Staff’s Commendation for developing the Virtual Reality Based training and for creating a model for Forecasting Casualties in War - 2004.
• Order of the Dronacharya for excellence in training – 2002 (Indian Army).
• United Nations Medal for exemplary service in the United Nations.
• Founder President, Travancore Management Association.
• International Address: Addressed the Indo-New Zealand Business group at Waikato University, NZ.

Professional Memberships
• Life member, NHRDN
• Life member, NIPM.
• Life member, AIMA
• Life Member United Services Institution of India.
• Life Member and Founding President, Travancore Management Association.

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