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Event Date : November 14th

Over the years, Asian School of Business has succeeded in reinvigorating the lives of students by organizing a host of on and off campus programs. Constello is such a program that was born out of desire to sparkle the imagination of students. It is ‘one of its kind’ national level management fest conceived and organized by Asian School of Business, Trivandrum. The main objective of the fest is to bring together students from across campuses to showcase their talents, compete and have fun. What makes Constello a class apart is that it’s a uniquely designed Techno-Cultural Fest. Each competition intends to test the logical and managerial skills of the students.

As a patron of educational ideal, ASB combines academic and campus activities to leverage the potential of student. Hence, upon launching Constello, ASB makes a point of opening up the event for each student. It is also intended to serve as the perfect getaway for students from the formalities of book learning. All of us will get together and join hands to urge students on as they explore their creativity and skills.

We, the team of ASBians, beckon you to our beautiful campus on the 14th of November, 2015. CONSTELLO '15 V.2.0 is a national level management fest, open to all those who wish to take a break from the world of books and do something different. We're here to cheer you and recognize your skills. We promise you an experience; an experience which will remain forever fresh in your mind. By bringing students from various institutions under a single roof and offering a common platform to display their individual talents, CONSTELLO '15 V.2.0 aims to create camaraderie between them. We are aware that in every student, there lies a hidden star and CONSTELLO '15 V.2.0 helps the talent come to the fore. If not now, when?

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