Placement Preparation

Your entire MBA learning is organized around successful placement. ASB does not claim that it places every student, but surely we have an impeccable placement record. Everyone in ASB believes that placement is the acid test of our teaching-learning process because successful placement is proof of the acceptance of our students as managers and leaders in the industry. Hence placement preparation is a part and parcel of your MBA education in ASB. It is integrated into the everyday learning process and NOT a one-time training done by some external consultants. Hence support is available to you in the campus on a 24x7 basis.

Aptitude Test

Many companies use aptitude test to short list applicants for a job. ASB focuses on continuous aptitude training so that your probability for getting short listed increases. We agree that all students are equally competent in aptitude tests. We, then help you make a strategy to target companies that do not have an aptitude test so that your probability of selection goes up.

Communication Enhancement

ASB does a preliminary English communication competency test and identifies groups of students who need different levels of remedial training. This is followed by a learning program and continuous evaluation so that you make systematic progress. Encouraging you to speak in English in the campus and hostel, presentations, teaching you how to talk in front of a mirror, encouraging you to listen to English news and see English cinema and having a specially trained remedial teacher are some of the effort that ASB makes to prepare you for successful placement.

Current Affairs and Group Discussion

Group discussion (GD) is a selection tool followed by almost all companies. It is meant to assess your communication, evaluate whether you have a point of view, ability to defend your point of view, make modifications in your point of view in the light of others’ point of view, your body language, your attitude, ability to accept criticism, ability to work in a group, self-confidence, ability to make logical arguments in support of your view, ability to use data to defend one’s view and so on. ASB will train you to use unique methods and tools to enhance your success in the GD.

Underlying the theme given for a GD is usually a topic from the current affairs. Hence knowledge of the current affairs is critical for a successful GD. ASB uses its daily mandatory newspaper reading and presentation and blogs to keep you updated in issues of contemporary interest.

CV Preparation and Interview

A CV is meant to create a personal branding. The art of making a CV is not only its presentation, but also how you project yourself as a person who can create an impact on the business of the company that you are applying for. A CV is also the basis for an interview. ASB faculty has special expertise in training you in both these aspects. While ASB may use an external consultant at times much as some other institutes do, the distinguishing factor in this training is the ability of our faculty and mentors to refine your CV and give you continuous practice in all types of interviews - Standard Interviews, Stress Interviews, Behavioral Event Interviews and so on. ASB has faculty who are certified in these. Some of our faculty members train even corporate managers on these interview techniques through our Management Development Programs (MDPs).

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