The Three Tier Learning Architecture

ASB has a three-tier learning architecture which is aligned to the needs of the corporate world. The base with foundational courses prepares an aspirant manger to integrate various functions of business. The advanced learning readies the person to deliver results in one’s chosen functional area and the value added courses contribute to enhancing personal and leadership effectiveness.


The Base (Tier 1)

The base is created with the foundational courses of CUSAT in Semester 1 and 2.  These are compulsory courses, and they make the student proficient in the basics of management which is used later, for integration.

Communication is an indispensable part of this and ASB places special emphasis on it through a series of Value Adding Courses/session such as Spoken English, Presentations, Public Speaking, Debates, Blog writing and feedback sessions.

Tier 2

Tier two of the learning architecture is based on advanced compulsory and specialization courses of CUSAT. There are seven specializations you can choose from. Most students prefer to opt for dual specializations by taking three courses from one area and four from another. This gives them flexibility to meet the challenges of changing job environment in the market. Dual specialization also helps in integration. For example, a student with deep knowledge in Marketing and Finance would understand the revenue and profit come from marketing one’s products and services and also the need for continuous innovation in product and services to maintain and increase the market share. Read more

Tier 3

Tier three of the learning architecture is based on Value Adding Courses that ASB provides to its students. This is a unique offering in the MBA world and not many business schools replicate it.

These courses focus on both short and mid-term career needs of a student. Short term career needs mean skills to get placed successfully with a competitive salary. Mid-term career needs mean skills to excel in the first job to create an impact and enhance your brand image in the organizations so that you get more opportunities to demonstrate your potential and grow.

To achieve this ASB has a number of Value Adding Courses covering five key areas: personality, thinking, placement, becoming a better manager and facing the leadership challenges. These are delivered as five bouquet of courses over the first two to three semesters of the program.

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