Leadership Development

Leadership Development in ASB is a specialized exercise. Unlike what is generally done, it is not confined to some outbound activities and group dynamic actions. ASB does these activities but goes beyond by leveraging the special expertise of its Center for Excellence in Leadership Development.

Psychometrics Driven Diagnostics

ASB uses the unique leadership psychometric protocol created by its current Director and practiced in T.A Pai Management Institute. In fact, ASB is the only institute other than TAPMI which has the capability to use this technique. Seven to eight psychometric tests such as Big 5, Self-efficacy, Locus of Control, Emotional Quotient etc. are done and these are integrated into a single leadership diagnostic. There are tests at individual level, interpersonal level and leadership level. Since some factors in one test mitigate or accentuate a complimentary factor given in another test, true drivers cannot be arrived at without an integration protocol. The purpose of a single outcome by integrating this is to arrive at the drivers for betting one’s leadership so that the IDP can be manageable and is focused on the success factors.

Specially Trained Faculty Advisors

While all mentors are trained, some are trained as specialist Leadership Advisors. Their role is to integrate the psychometric data and generate a single output so that the student can have a true insight of his/her leadership potential and how to improve the driving factors. For example, if an emerging leader is low in Openness, his or her having high conscientiousness may not help in becoming a true leader since leaders have to set uncertain but attractive goals. By overcoming the challenge of Openness, the leadership potential will create synergy with Conscientiousness and give exponential benefits. Trained mentors can advise the emerging leaders on such complex issues.


We consider all those who join us for MBA as people destined to lead though we agree that the space in which they lead might differ. On joining, our students will take up the multiple psychometric tests. These are then integrated to generate a single output. Students and trained mentors discuss the output. During the discussion, the student will populate the psychometric data with life experiences to generate much richer canvas than what psychometric integration was able to do. The Faculty Advisors and our emerging leaders agree on the drivers and thereafter generate an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) which they follow through.

Structure to Support Practice

In order to practice leadership, ASB creates a number of activities. Outbound training, Course Coordinator, Committees, Team based assignments, clubs etc. are the tools used to create the forum for practicing the ILDP.

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