Integrationin ASB is a specialized exercise. Unlike what is generally done, it is not confined to some outbound activities and group dynamic actions. ASB does these activities but goes beyond by leveraging the special expertise of its Center for Excellence in Leadership Development.

Integration in the Class

Our faculty with over 15 years of industry experience train you to see the link between marketing, finance, operations, human resources and so on. So, don’t be surprised if your finance professor asks you to describe the impact on revenue and profits if you enhance your market share or quiz you on the impact on profits if the human resources are motivated to give their discretionary effort for production. Only industry experienced faculty can guide such integrative discussion in an MBA class.

Integration through Projects

During your stay in ASB, you will do a number of group projects which would have different facets of management. Your faculty will ask you to write an integrated summary of the project where you will learn to simulate the impact on one factor on another. This is also the heart of effective decision making in an organization.

Comprehensive Viva

ASB’s comprehensive viva trains you to discuss the impact of your decisions on all functional areas of business. For example, if you are asked how to motivate a group of employees, you may say that increase in salary is an important tool. But you should also discuss the impact such increase could have on the bottom line of a business and what would be the net impact on the business.

Integration through Activities

When you lead an activity in ASB, you will be required to plan with due care by taking the impact of your decision on the overall impact it would have on ASB. You will have to identify and defend that the net impact of your decision will make ASB a better and more effective organization.

Summer Internship Report

Summer internship report is the most important integration activity. You would have spent at least 45 days in an organization and should know various departments and functions of the organization. When you make the recommendations to the organization, you will also take into consideration its impact on other departments.

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