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Commencement of MBA in ASB

ASB has been awarding AICTE approved PGDM since its inception. This was modelled on the IIMs who also used to award PGDM. However, the IIM Act came into force in 2017 and they would be awarding MBA. Hence, ASB has also converted from PGDM to MBA.

Kerala Govt has accorded NOC for the MBA program vide their Order No. G.O. (Rt) No.1763/2018.H.Edn. dated 25/9/2018.

Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) has accorded recognition to the award of MBA by ASB vide their letter No. Ac.C3/5316/ASB/2017 dated 28/3/2019.

AICTE has accorded continuation of Approval vide their Letter No.F.No. South-West/1-4261660996/2019/EOA dated 30 April, 2019

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