"Transforming business aspirants into leaders"



Dr. (Colonel) P. S. James

Today, business schools are at the center of creating prosperity to individuals and nations alike. This is because they nurture and create business thinkers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and manpower with competencies to execute business decisions that create jobs and make people and nations competitive. That only top managers and a handful of people in the business need to be leaders is a myth. Leaders are required at all levels in a modern business, and hence, business schools at all levels need to nurture leadership. The curriculum of a business school surely helps its students develop the strategic and execution acumen required for business. However, structured leadership development is seldom done in any management institute. This is where Asian School of Business (ASB), Thiruvananthapuram differs.
ASB’s Center for Excellence in Transformational Leadership (CETL-ASB) has special expertise in developing leadership. CETL follows the globally renowned and accepted ‘Know, Be, Do’ model for leadership development. More importantly, it has knowhow of special tools and techniques to implement the model. The center uses its own protocol to integrate multiple leadership psychometric inputs. Using this, the center’s expert advisors generate and deliver an insightful ‘Individual Transformational Leadership Advisory’ to each student. ASB’s team and committee structured learning meets the need of the ‘be’ component. The ‘do’ component is achieved through developing competencies for leadership roles using our own ‘role-competency’ model of leadership development.
When you join ASB as a student, you will not only learn the business concepts, tools and techniques, but also enhance your leadership potential under the CETL by using special tools and techniques.
As a corporate, when you recruit from ASB, you will be absorbing young talent with not only business acumen, but also potential for grooming easily into leadership roles in your organization. When you enroll your ward to purse their business education in ASB, you will be facilitating her/him to gain from ASB’s unique capability to provide highly personalized and customized guidance for the holistic growth to cover business acumen integrated with values and leadership qualities.
When you opt to benefit from ASB’s plethora of MDPs, especially its Transform and LeadTM program, you will begin to experience how your people can take your organization to newer heights. Our infrastructure is world class, our faculty passionate, committed and competent to nurture and make you succeed, and our systems and processes for developing young talent are time-tested, unique, rigorous and continuous.
Team ASB is different. Come, experience the change! Experience ASB!
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