"Transforming business aspirants into leaders"



Dr. S. Ratnakumaran

….. ASB will transform you into a confident leader and help you achieve an excellent career and there by success in life. ASB believes in enabling students to be globally competent. When you join ASB, we will take you through a rigorous, experiential learning process to help you achieve your career and life goals. ASB acknowledges that a good placement is the gateway to a great job. Organizations look for industry- relevant competencies and leadership potential. Our faculty with an average of 15+ years of industrial experience, many of whom were part of top-level management knows to groom you for a great career. Our program structures, centres of excellence, value added courses and placement focused soft-skill training are integrated with a singular aim-an excellent profession for you. Our capability to enrich the leadership potential and competence of students is exceptional. Using multiple psychometric tests covering personality, change, attitude, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy etc and a copyrighted protocol to integrate these, ASB can pinpoint your leadership development needs. Its specially trained faculty advisors will have one to one session with you, create a customized Individual Development Plan (IDP) and help you follow through the IDP. In ASB, mentoring is a way of life and we are grooming students on a daily basis to make them achieve their potential. We believe that grooming for a great profession must be continuous and should be executed by trained core faculty of the institute who remain in constant touch with the students and the industry trends. Our infrastructure is world class; our faculty passionate, committed and competent to nurture and help you succeed. Our systems and processes for developing talent are time tested, distinctive, meticulous and continuous. Join with an open mind to transform yourself for a successful career. Read more on the profile of the director...
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